What will happen next

As Israel continue to increase in power they will become the most powerful nation on Earth by 2022 and the third Jewish temple will begin to be rebuilt on the temple mount. A new Jewish High Priest will also begin to rule over Israel and will therefore be the most powerful man in the world. He will restart the sacrificing at the temple by October that year and will be prophesying that the Jewish Messiah will be coming but this Messiah will not be Jesus, which will make him the False Prophet of Revelation.

Also between now and 2022 there will be a continued increase in the amount of so called ‘alien activity’. This will culminate with many huge alien looking UFOs appearing in plain sight all around the Earth by 2022. Satan will then appear flying through the skies as he deludes the people of the Earth that he is an extraterrestrial who has been on Earth before and will claim to be a god but he will look just like Jesus.

This false Jesus will say the Christian history of him is wrong while the Muslim history of him is true and that he is called Isa, the Muslim name for Jesus. This will very quickly cause the great falling away of the Christian Church that Paul spoke of in 2 Thessalonians. Then Satan will descend to Damascus to select the Muslim Mahdi in accordance with Quranic prophecy, however this will really be the Anti-Christ of Biblical prophecy.  This will happen by October 2022 and mark the beginning of the seven year tribulation. The Mahdi will be Shiite (Shia make up about 15% while Sunni make up about 85%)

Satan/Isa will then defeat the Jewish Military by killing there leader who will be known to the Muslims as the ‘Dajjal’ (according to Islamic eschatology). With Isa’s help the Mahdi will then force the ten most powerful leaders of the world to submit to his rule by subduing three of them as the prophet Daniel spoke of in Daniel chapter seven and they will agree to a seven year treaty. Many other countries, including Israel, will also agree to to this in a pact where Satan/Isa will protect the Earth from other so called ‘alien species’.

After this the Mahdi will set up Sharia law in every country he can and poorer countries that are struggling to cope with the tumultuous world events taking place will be offered free energy, technology and free food with Satan/Isa’s ‘alien’ technologies but in order to get this the governments will have to agree to the people accepting a mark and to get this mark people will be required to worship an image of the Mahdi.

The image will be a life like 3D image of the Madhi that moves and speaks proud boastful words about himself being a god. As long as people worship this image in genuine devotion they will get the mark but this image has technology supplied by Satan/Isa that will detect who is genuine and who isn’t; a sophisticated lie detector. The mark itself will be a very hi-tech micro chip created by Satan/Isa that not only allows the person to buy and sell but it will also alter the persons DNA functions. This at first will make the person feel incredibly well, almost impervious to disease but later on it will cause the person to become incredibly and painfully ill but they will not die from this agony. Country after a country will fall to this new system as it will seem so appealing at first.

Half way through the seven years on 28th January 2026 the Mahdi will invade Israel and stop the sacrifices, thus beginning the 1290 day count down to the Image being set up in the temple itself, (according to Daniel 12:11). However, the Mahdi will not kill the High Priest False Prophet or destroy the temple as the False Prophet will be convinced that Satan/Isa really is Jesus and Isa will give the False Prophet power to make wondrous signs that will cause people to believe the Mahdi is a god as well and even possibly the Messiah whom the Jews have been expecting.

The Mahdi will allow anyone to go up into the Temple and it is at this time the Two Witnesses will also go up the Temple area and will begin to prophesy to the world with power for 1260 days, saying that the real Jesus will return on the 24th September 2029. Events on Earth will become increasingly worse as billions will die from famine, war, disease and crime. Then on Friday 13th April 2029 the Asteroid Apophis will hit the Earth. Although it is currently predicted to miss Earth by about 18,000 miles, Satan will cause it to hit us. This will produce a ejection cloud that will circle the Earth and from which 200 million demonic locusts will descend as described in the book Revelation.

These locusts will attack everyone for five months but the 144,000 will be protected from these attacks, as Revelation also says. The 144,000 will be Christians who will be preaching around the world that the Two Witnesses really are God’s Two End Times Prophets. However, after 1260 days, around the beginning of August 2029, the Mahdi will again attack Jerusalem and with Satan/Isa’s help will kill the Two Witnesses. The Witnesses dead bodies will lie near the Temple for three and half days after which they will resurrect along with the 144,000 and together will ascend up to Heaven. Then on the 10th August 2029 the Anti-Christ will set up his Image next to the Temple.

Forty days later on the 19th September 2029 (The Day of Atonement) the real Jesus will be seen on the clouds with his 144,000 and His Holy Angels. The the dead in Christ will rise up first to meet Him in the air followed by those who are still alive. Those left on the Earth who are still alive will mourn but will soon be killed by Holy Fire coming down from Heaven that will consume the whole Earth. Every eye will see Him. Jesus will capture the Anti-Christ and False Prophet and throw them into the lake of fire. Jesus will also capture Satan and will throw him into the Abyss of Hell.

Then on the 24th September 2029 (Tabernacles) 1335 days from when the sacrifices were stopped, Jesus will descend to the Mount of Olives with His 144,000 and will begin His Millennial reign. The temple described by Ezekiel in chapters 40 to 43 will then be built and there will be survivors from the tribulation who will have hidden in deep underground bases, they will emerge to discover a very different world where Jesus is ruling from His throne in Jerusalem.

These survivors will go up to Jerusalem at Tabernacles to worship Jesus as Zechariah 14:16 says and they will also begin to repopulate the Earth. Their off spring will live very long lives as Isaiah 65:20 states. However, seven years before the end of the Millennial reign Satan will be released from the Abyss and will deceive anyone who will listen to him and with his demonic forces he’ll attack Jerusalem one last time but God the Father will come down and destroy his army with fire.

At the end of the 1000 years God the Father will return to make a new Heaven and a New Earth and will Judge everyone, so that the ungodly are thrown into the lake of fire along with Death and Hell. All Christians will then continue to live on the New Earth and in Heaven.