Book Reviews

Amazon review by Michael Flipp. 15 Oct 2015.

5 Stars: “It will challenge you and literally blow your mind”

This is a book that explains many different aspects of the bible. It will challenge you and literally blow your mind. I say that because mine was blown a few times. Robert Nicholas does a fantastic job providing insight into important doctrinal issues that have often caused controversies within the church and scholars, but he does it in a way that explains in detail the how’s and the why’s. The time invested in learning the material and the writing of this book really shows. We are told to study to show yourselves approved, and there is no doubt Robert Nicholas has done a lot of homework. My eyes were opened on quite a few topics, and on others, I already had previous insight to. I even received a very cool sign while reading my copy. You’re going to want to read this book and then when your done, you’re going to read it again. You’re going to share what’s written inside with your friends and truths are going to be manifested, proven and fully explained that you might have never even heard of before. Wow, I was kept interested during the entire read, which is usually hard for me as I tend to be bored when reading a book that does not interest me. And for that reason I don’t read many books at all, mostly articles that get right to the point. The topics and teachings had me going “Wow, what’s next!”

Amazon review (and additional comments) by Mr HLR.

5 Stars: “I genuinely encourage anyone who hasn’t read it yet to get a copy”

Definitely an easy-to-pick-up & hard-to-put-down guide to the Bible for Christians! The author has obviously studied long and hard in order to provide the reader with an informative and accessible book. A must for any Christian’s library.

I have to say Robert Nicholas’ date for the return of Jesus is the most probable one out of all the dates I’ve seen predicted. I believe that God is working to a 7000 year plan starting from creation and his date certainly fits in with that. The sheer amount of 7s and the use of numbers divisible by 7 in the Bible points to this 7000 year plan, I feel.

I genuinely encourage anyone who hasn’t read it yet to get a copy. I can honestly say that it has really helped me in my study of the Bible so far.

A review by Bojan Mladenovski on Twitter. 15/3/16.

Robert Nicholas’ book ‘The Christian’s Guide to the Bible’ is an exceptional book that focus’ on the Bible’s original calendar and chronological history. It’s an excellent book if you want to know when Biblical events happened and are going to happen. If anyone wants to read the Bible this book is a must have!


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