Sabbaths From Now Till 2029

Listed below are all the calendars showing when on the Gregorian calendar God’s Sabbaths and Feasts are, from 2014 to 2029. The calendars here use the ‘rule of the equinox’ where the extra thirteenth month (Adar 2) is determined by the timing of the Spring equinox rather than the ripening of the barley, so that day 15 of month 1 (Aviv) always falls on, or after, the day of the Spring equinox. If in the future we find out that the barley, within a days walk of Jerusalem, does not ripen as predicted by this rule, then alterations will be made at that time but be assured that most of the time this approximation is correct.

2014 – 2015 (Year 5985)

God's Calendar - Year 5985

God’s Calendar – Year 5985

2015 – 2016 (Year 5986)

God's Calendar - Year 5986

God’s Calendar – Year 5986

2016 – 2017 (Year 5987)

God's Calendar - Year 5987

God’s Calendar – Year 5987

2017 – 2029 To be continued soon…