Sabbath Isn’t On Sat Or Sun

Have you ever heard of God’s Lunar-Solar Sabbath Calendar? If you’ve never heard of this, here is what you need to know:

The pagan Roman Julian/Gregorian calendar that we now use was only created in 45 BC, before this time it did not exist. Therefore, the current 7 day rolling week we currently use only began at that time. Before this date the Romans (Just in the Provence of Rome) were using a calendar with an 8 day week. Yes that’s right the current 7 day week only goes back to 45BC. You can view pictures of the Roman stone tablets that show this Roman 8 day week calendar they used:

The Greek Mathematician Sosigenes who Julius Caesar employed to create the new calendar simply removed one of these 8 days (Market day), so the chances of the current 7 day week matching the Jewish week is only a 1 in 7 chance.

However, the calendar Jesus and the Israelites had been using in Israel for over 1500 years prior to this time was completely different to the Julian calendar/Gregorian calendar. Their months actually began with the sighting of the new crescent moon on which day they rested and had a new moon feast, then there were 6 days of work followed by the first Sabbath. Lunar months are 29.53 days long and therefore Sabbaths fall on day’s 8, 15, 22 and 29 each lunar month. Then the process begins over again with the sighting of the next new moon which is either one or two days later after day 29.

However, God’s Calendar is not the same calendar the Jews of today use. The Jews currently use a revised version of God’s Calendar which uses the Gregorian rolling week system instead of God’s lunar weeks, this was due partly to the Roman Emperor Hadrian, after he had put down the Jewish Simon Bar-Kokhba revolt in 135 AD and made an anti-religious decree forbidding Sabbath new moon observances from Jerusalem and also later by the Roman Emperor Constantine who began to force the Jews in 325 AD to worship on the pagan day called Saturday (named after the Roman god of agriculture; Saturnus).

The Jewish calendar used today was created in 359 AD by Sanhedrin Rabbi Hillel II, in response to what these Roman Emperors had done. Because the Jews could no longer sight the new moon from Jerusalem Hillel calendar employs a repeating 19 year lunar mathematical calculation that approximates the timing of each new moon sighting from Jerusalem. This allowed all the Jews to celebrate their feasts on the same day no matter where they had been scattered all over the world. However as the Jews were not allowed to keep the Sabbath on days 8, 15, 22 and 29 each lunar month and had been forced to worship on Saturdays, eventually this knowledge was all but forgotten until recently when it has been rediscovered.

I hope this helps you to understand that the Sabbath is not on Saturdays or Sundays (Which are all pagan names that were invented long after God’s Calendar of the Bible) but instead can fall on any day of the pagan Julian/Gregorian week. The calendar the Jews used was written about by Moses in the Bible and can be found in scripture scattered throughout the Bible, it is God’s Calendar and you can read more about how it is explained in scripture here:

Start Reading The Book

The fourth commandment; ‘Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy,’ has virtually been forgotten, a command more important than murder for example, which is the sixth commandment. Although we are saved by grace we should still use the ten commandments as our guide as to how to live. We are not dependant on the law but it will prosper us if we adhere to it, equally if we break these laws then we will face the consequences.

You can view a comparison calendar on this site too, to know when the next Sabbaths will be: Sabbaths From Now Till 2029

Further studies on God’s Lunar Solar Calendar by other Bible scholars:

John D Keyser – founder of Hope of Israel ministries:

“Saturday is the Sabbath” is FAKE NEWS!

The Creator’s Calendar

International Date Line Change: The Sabbath Unchanged by Worlds Last Chance Ministries?

Robert-Aaron Richmond explains from scripture how God’s Calendar works:


9 Responses to Sabbath Isn’t On Sat Or Sun

  1. larry russell says:

    Good job on research and explaining your findings I thank you for inviting me to read and comment we live in times where the truth is almost non existent a famine of the truth according to Amos. Glory to God and Jesus to shine the light for those who seek the truth.


  2. etmasih says:

    Thank you brother for providing such good information, but then which day should be considered as sabbath if we wish to follow the law of our Lord


    • Thank you brother for wanting to know when we should follow the Sabbath law, however, most importantly Jesus died so that we are no longer under the law, otherwise we would need to stone to death virtually everyone on the planet which would be very impractical. That said Jesus kept the Sabbath and so, like you, I think we should at least be aware of when it is and if you wish to then do something to mark the day then may I suggest fasting and praying, rather than continually taking days off work till you get the sack. The fast doesn’t have to be a total fast of all food, you could just decide to skip a meal, or eat only fruit, or even just not watch non-Christian TV, for example.

      Okay, so to know when the Sabbath is you need to know when each new sliver of the crescent moon can be seen from Jerusalem. You can find this out on the internet, one useful site for this is Although they still hold to the Julian/Gregorian rolling seven day week ‘Sabbath’, they do have all the new moons listed. The new moon is day 1 of the month and is a rest and feast day but they are not called Sabbaths according to the Bible. Then count off 6 days and on day 8 it is the first Sabbath. Sabbaths therefore fall on days 8,15, 22 and 29 each lunar month. Then look for the new moon again and it starts over. Remember, God’s days begin and end at sunset.

      To know when the first month called Aviv is each year, you need to know if the Barley in Israel is going to be ripe enough to be able to be made into fine flower, ready for day 16 of Aviv (First Fruits). Again this can be found on the internet, as there are a number of people who go looking for it in Israel around March and April time. If it isn’t going to be ripe enough an extra 13th month is added (Adar 2). You will need to know this if you want to know when the correct feast days are through the year. This is important as Jesus is returning on the feast of Tabernacles (day 15 month 7).

      We now have all the Sabbath days listed on my website in a handy calendar format, showing when on the Gregorian calendar they take place. Please see page: Sabbaths From Now Till 2030.

      May God bless you for your interest in God’s fourth most important Commandment.


  3. Ntirugirimbabazi says:

    Thank you brother for your information. You tried to explain us something important about the Sabbath. Now I’d like to ask you the difference between this 8th day you are talking and the 7th day we read in Exodus 20:8-11. and what Isaiah said in chapter58:14 .


  4. Melissa Mills says:

    Thank you for this information, I was wondering what day really was the Sabbath


  5. Tapiwa Gift says:

    The Sabbath predates Judaism. For the thousands of years since Judaism began, an entire nation of Jews has kept track of the weekly cycle and observed the seventh day Sabbath, sometimes even without a calendar. Nevertheless, many rationalize that it’s impossible to verify which day of the week is actually the biblical Sabbath because Pope Gregory XIII changed the calendar. The Julian calendar, instituted by Julius Caesar around 46 B.C., calculated the length of the year as 365 ¼ days. In reality, the year is 11 minutes less than 365 ¼ days. So by the 1580s, the calendar and the solar cycle were ten days off. In 1582, Gregory changed the calendar so that Friday, October 5, became Friday, October 15, creating the Gregorian calendar we use today. But it did not confuse the days of the week; Friday still follows Thursday, Saturday still follows Friday, and so on and so forth.


    • It’s clear from your response that you have not read, watched and understood any of the explanations given. If after reading chapter 1 on my website you are still not sure, you can also watch clip 29 on the ‘General End-times Info’ page on the site. Here is the direct link to it:

      You will also need to provide citations and scriptural support for any future theories you may wish to site. I refer to your statement: “For the thousands of years since Judaism began, an entire nation of Jews has kept track of the weekly cycle and observed the seventh day Sabbath, sometimes even without a calendar.” There is no evidence for this.

      Thank you for your interest.


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